Local Workshops and Events

Workshops & Events

All SCORE workshops are interactive. This means that the presentation is not a lecture: instead class participation is encouraged and the attendees learn both from the presenter and from the other participating attendees. From time to time there will be presentations that will primarily be presenting a subject of interest. These will be noted as Seminars and not workshops. While interaction is welcome, most of the interaction will be in the form of questions & answers.

Workshops will be supplemented by free mentoring by a SCORE mentor. There is no limit on the frequency or duration of this mentoring and it is always free and confidential.

There is a series of four workshops titled Simple Steps for Starting Your Business and these will be scheduled multiple times throughout the year. The integrated design of these core workshops prepares the entrepreneur for start-up and preparing the business plan, which is essential for the success of a small business. All four core workshops are offered for one price of $75. In addition to these core workshops, other workshops and seminars on specific subjects of interest to entrepreneurs will be scheduled throughout the year. Check back on the website for updates on the schedule.


Simple Steps for Starting Your Business Workshops

Simple Steps is a professionally designed program that will take you from the basics of considerations before you even start through the step by step process of actually starting your business. From deciding what it take to be in business to decisions on products and services offered to deciding what the customer wants to managing your startup.

Workshop 1 – Basics

What are the considerations required before starting your business? What does it take to start a business? What are the types of organizations and which is right for me? What are the legal implications I need to know? These and other basic questions will be covered in the workshop. There will be a discussion of your motivation to start the business and how you  should develop a vision statement.

Workshop 2 – Developing your Great Idea

This workshop will provide the steps to develop and fine-tune your business concept. An overview of the types of market research that can be used to identify your target market and gain knowledge of how they buy. Also discussed is the competitive environment and how you can determine how you will be differentiated.  Lastly a pricing strategy consistent with your positioning of the business will be reviewed.

Workshop 3 – Marketing your Business

This workshop covers the important topic of Marketing. It will identify the need for branding and what that means. The Strategic Marketing Plan is often times identified as the 4 P’s or 6 B’s (Positioning, Product, Pricing, Advertising, Promotion and Distribution) and also included is Sales Strategy. It is essential this be developed as the action plan to achieve your overall business plan and must tie to the financial plan to deliver results and be affordable. This leads to the discussion of forecasting and how to do it.

Workshop 4 – Financial Plans

Of key importance to any business is the financial plan. It is used to manage the income and expenses plus is a requirement for any business that is seeking a loan. This workshop identifies how the entrepreneur develops and uses the key financial tools needed in a business. Starting from the sales projections, the Cash Flow, Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet Reports are the tools to measure progress, ensure financial feasibility and measure progress over time. These reports, along with pre start-up financial planning, are so critical that the number one reason for small business failure can be attributed to the lack of financial planning. In addition, determining the progress of the business using these reports will be also be presented.

Small Business Legal and Accounting Workshop

Got a legal or accounting question about your business? This workshop will give you the opportunity to hear presentations by professionals AND get your questions answered. Find out about federal, state and local taxation, booking requirements, legal business structures, contract issues and regulations that may effect your business. This workshop is scheduled a couple of times per year.


If you have any questions regarding the Workshops described above you can submit them to workshop@scorevolunteer.org or make a reservation for any or all of the Workshops at http://centralvirginia.score.org/events