Networking is a fundamental part of getting your new business off the ground.  Learn tips in this video:

Getting to know other industry leaders, along with the customers you plan to share your goods and services with, can really give you an idea of how to make an impact and stay relevant in your field.

Starting out as a solopreneur, you don’t have a team of salespeople, and there’s a lot to know about meeting others and getting your name out there.

A helpful guideline in networking is the law of reciprocity, giving something to get something later on.  Giving peers access to your resources, offering to help solve others problems with creative brainstorming sessions or anecdotal advice, or even giving rewards such as coupons or discounts for your services are all great ways to offer a great first impression.  But don’t forget to do your part as well when you’re on the receiving end of the spectrum.  Bare minimum, don’t forget your business cards! Always make sure to give them out to your prospective customers.

With SCORE, you can learn many more ways to engage the community around you and make your small business memorable. Our volunteer mentors stand ready to help you on your journey to small business success. 

Solopreneur Series: Networking for Your Business