James Miller’s much-loved grandmother Hilda insisted on staying in her own home, even when she started needing some help with daily activities. As many people have experienced, caring for an aging loved one can be challenging, especially if life is already crammed with other responsibilities.

The Miller family respected Hilda’s wishes, but James witnessed firsthand the difficulties and stress this produced. He determined to set up an agency staffed with caring professionals who could help aging people stay safely and comfortably in their homes while giving peace of mind to family members unable to be there for their loved ones as much as they would wish.

With this support, the clients of Peaceful Living Home Care can maintain their independence, privacy, and dignity. The pressure is taken off their families, who can rest easy knowing that their loved ones are safe and well cared for. This kind of care, along with the undeniable emotional benefit to the clients and families, can prevent hospital visits or nursing home care. There are cost savings too, compared with hospital or nursing home stays.

Peaceful Living Home Care provides several services ranging from Companionship/Sitter to Meal Preparation to Transportation to Maternity Concierge to Live-In Care. Whatever level of assistance associated with living at home is needed, the agency can provide. The staff members are professional, warm-hearted people dedicated to making it possible for people to remain living in their own homes. The company’s ability to customize services to fit individual client needs is what differentiates it from their competition; that, and providing those services in a way that exceeds expectations, leading to peace of mind all round.

James’s SCORE mentor, Steve Cooper, helped him with advice and assistance on financial planning, budgeting, and profit-and-loss margins, as well as connecting him to other resources for marketing, networking, and HR. James said, “SCORE has been absolutely phenomenal.”


Learn more about Peaceful Living Home Care at www.plhomecare.com/.

Peaceful Living Home Care