For Winifred Wegmann, the greatest satisfaction of owning her own business comes from seeing the joy on a person's face when they find the ideal gift or the perfect item for their home.

Winfred's experience as a manager at Crème de la Crème taught her what people liked, and when she opened pour la maison, she wanted to make sure that they could continue to find those items, along with merchandise that other stores in town do not carry. She focuses on products from Europe, particularly France and Italy, but has recently added linens from Russia and Portugal, and ceramics from Stoke-on-Trent. There are also pieces of unique artwork and jewelry created by local artists.

The possibility of finding gifts that are not in the national chain stores, and being able to browse in a beautiful environment, are what make pour la maison a destination store for those looking for something special. The store offers a bridal registry that is highly popular with couples, their families, and friends, who appreciate the opportunity to support a local business.

How SCORE helped. 

SCORE helped Winifred right from the start, by suggesting a projection framework; working through various scenarios to see how they would affect the budget; and providing links to information on debt ratio, inventory turnover, and inventory ratio to sales. SCORE continues to offer support and is proud to help another local business thrive.

Pour la Maison