Sevenoaks, set in 120 acres in Madison, was originally a farm.  It was generously donated to be a nonprofit foundation and land trust dedicated as a sanctu ary for people who wish to pursue their spiritual goals in a beautiful natural setting. The land is one of the few large preserved areas in the country, and is kept as pristine as possible.

Sevenoaks is a dedicated center for practitioners of the Pathwork, a spiritual school in which people can accelerate their personal growth and deepen their spiritual development.

The facilities are also now available to groups ranging from yoga, meditation, shamans, bodyworkers, and University faculty; in effect, any group desiring to access the land in order to meditate, reunite, or otherwise gather. Currently between 50 and 100 different organizations enjoy the beauty, peace, and spirituality of Sevenoaks.

How SCORE helped. 

During the economic difficulties of the mid 2000s, attendance dropped, leading the managers of Sevenoaks to seek assistance from SCORE. After discussions with both staff and clients, SCORE compiled a report detailing recommendations on land sustainability, financial management systems, staff consolidation, leadership, and fundraising.

The strategies suggested by SCORE were implemented, leading to increased business and revenues, high staff morale, superlative feedback from guests, and exciting plans for the future. 

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