Specialty Housekeeping, Inc. is a housekeeping service founded and owned by Nancy Alexander. She and her team offer specialized cleaning services tailored for each client. Services include giving homes a detailed clean, as well as performing specific customer requests such as changing bed linens, washing and ironing laundry, watering plants, and other helpful tasks. Nancy and her team offer weekly, biweekly, or monthly services. Their excellent customer service and professionalism have earned them an enviable reputation.

Apart from their gold standard of cleaning and great client relationships, Specialty Housekeeping offers peace of mind. Cleaning is not what it used to be; gone are the days where one could simply hire the girl down the street. Now, with granite counters, laminate floors, Worker's Comp Insurance, and liability issues, cleaning is a profession. A profession that requires training, attention to detail, and even chemistry and business management. By choosing Specialty Housekeeping, clients don't have to worry about the wrong chemical being applied to a special surface, paying taxes on employees, or being held liable if a worker is injured. Specialty Housekeeping offers the best there is in cleaning and customer service.

Nancy Alexander has extensive experience in professional housekeeping, historic home preservation, and events management. Alexander's career in historic preservation began in the 1970s when she managed small town, regional, and state downtown development programs in Georgia, Kentucky, and Virginia. Alexander served as Estate Manager for a large Virginia estate, Executive Director of the Montpelier Steeplechase and Equestrian Foundation, and Special Events Manager for James Madison's Montpelier. She also served a four-year elected term on the Orange Town Council.

Alexander conceived and founded Specialty Housekeeping to marry her varied interests in home care management, historic preservation, and helping people enjoy their time at home. From helping a senior customer make cookie dough, to taking clothes to the drycleaner and letting the dog out, Alexander believes that Specialty Housekeeping improves the quality of life for all her clients.

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SCORE is proud to have helped Nancy get her business started, and to help her with her books.

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