Opening a candy and ice cream business was Barb Rosen’s childhood dream, and in March 2011 that dream became a reality; the mobile ice cream truck with its cheerful lettering and logo and happy face wheels was open for business.

In order to prepare, the first thing Barb did was to have meetings with SCORE mentors. She says, “My mentors were amazing! They were truly a blessing.” They helped her clarify her thoughts and ideas by giving her tasks and challenging questions to answer. They provided a business perspective and an objective opinion on her ideas. They continued to support her through the first few years of her business, and she knows that she can call on them whenever she needs, as she did when she was exploring ideas for expanding the business.

Barb then had to purchase a truck and outfit it for the particular needs of an ice cream business. She had to get the logo designed and the truck decorated and, perhaps most importantly, find an ice cream distributor able and willing to deliver the products to her home in Charlottesville.

Her biggest challenge, surprisingly, was finding a place where she could park her truck and keep it plugged in, since her HOA did not permit her to keep the truck at her house. But she managed to find somewhere, and now she has a thriving mobile business selling novelty ice creams and candies. The Sweet Tooth truck can be seen at many events such as weddings, children’s parties, school functions, and company picnics, as well as at nursing homes or simply traveling through neighborhoods.

At the moment, The Sweet Tooth is a thriving one-woman operation and a side job for Barb, but she knows that she could increase her business by spending more time on marketing and developing the name. Right now, though, she’s just having fun creating fun and helping people relive happy childhood memories. So if you’re planning an event, book The Sweet Tooth now!


The Sweet Tooth